We believe people understand what they can see, and if you cannot see what your software is doing, you cannot understand it.

Recording software so that you can replay it later is not a new idea. It is just incredibly difficult. We've been working on it for the past five years and have just recently gotten good at it.

We see a world where collaborating with Replay is second nature. When an engineer gets stuck, they share a replay. When a test fails, a developer clicks a link to view the replay. When a question is asked on Stack Overflow, folks comment directly in the replay. When an issue is filed in Github, maintainers help directly in replay. You see where weโ€™re going with this!

We believe recording software at scale, will change the way software is understood. Recordings let us show type-hints in your editor and even suggest type improvements. Eventually, we can support the debugging process by suggesting hypothesis and eventually potential fixes.

If youโ€™re excited to be a part of this journey and think Replay could be a good fit for your team please reach out to us at hi@replay.io.

Meet our team

We've worked on browser dev tools, JS engines, Kubernetes, Docker, Babel, VS Code.

Debugging has not changed since the 70s. It's still print statements all the way down.

  • Jason Laster

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Brian Hackett

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Kannan Vijayan

    Recording + Replaying

  • Logan Smyth

    Debugging lead

  • Jaril Valenciano

    Debugging experience

  • Holger Benl


  • Dan Miller

    Tooling and DX

  • Jon Bell

    Design and UX