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A new debugger for recording and replaying the web.

As simple as print statements, more powerful than breakpoints. Designed for collaboration!

Debugging Reimagined

We feel that debugging today is too reliant on print statements and individual acts of courage.

We built Replay, a new browser for recording and replaying applications, so that debugging could be visual and collaborative.

For Engineers

Start debugging in Replay, tighten the feedback loop, and save countless edit + refresh loops.


Retroactive print statements

Adding print statements in the recording make it super easy to see when and why a function ran.


Stop writing novelettes

Adding in context comments is much more useful than comment #53 in Jira.


Stop applying bandaids

When you understand the root cause, you can apply the right fix, and stop accumulating tech debt.

For Product Managers

Do your exploratory testing in Replay. When you see something, save it, and share it with the team.


Capture the bug

Bugs captured in Replay include every user interaction, API call, and JS execution.


Document the relevant details

Comment directly in the recording to call out the relevant steps needed to reproduce the bug.

For Designers

Do your visual debugging in Replay. Youโ€™ll be able to capture flickering frames and fix them once and for all.


Capture the glitch

The problem with glitches is that they're rare, fleeting, and difficult to study. Record and replay solves this.


Fix janky frames

Once you've recorded the janky frame, fixing it is as easy as playing to that point in time, and adjusting the styles.

What others are saying

Debugging today is basically print statements and cowboy culture. Shouldn't it be inquiry based and collaborative.

This is why we built Replay, a new browser, for individuals and teams to record and replay their applications.

๐Ÿ‘‹ We can't wait to meet you too!

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